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Gear up for your workout regimen and train hard with women’s compression shorts, tights and tops from Nike. Engineered with tight, stretchy fabric that provides a locked-in feel, women’s compression clothing gives you complete freedom of movement allowing you .

Amna Al Haddad consulted with Nike and came up with some ideas based on her own experience. Al Haddad told Nike during the design process that she only had one hijab that could meet her needs as a competitive weightlifter. She washed it nightly. Ironically, the moment that influenced Nike was seeing Attar compete in This was the first sports company that included a hijab option as part of a team kit.

This item is for sale to the public. Philanthropy and advocacy are a big part of what Oiselle and Hummel have done with their support of athletes. It helps to diversify what it means to be an athlete.

But as much as we laud Nike for their efforts, it is important to acknowledge the huge footprints already made by the modest sportswear industry.

Hijab in sport is not a new concept. Women have been wearing hijab for literally thousands of years, and have definitely been active during that time. More recently, modest sportswear has also become a way to advocate for Muslim women in sport. Smaller companies, often spearheaded by women, have designed and sold sport hijabs for decades. Capsters started in and has been selling sports hijabs all over the world, also allowing more Muslim girls and women to participate in sports more comfortably.

A scarf design from Canadian company ResportOn was one of the reasons that the international taekwondo federation allowed Muslim women to compete in recognized tournaments.

These companies carved out a space for Muslim women when their participation was challenged. Muslim women are creating and designing their own hijabs from crowdsourcing and fundraising. British muay thai fighter Ruqsana Begum started her own line of hijab to encourage women to get involved in sports.

Muslim women do face significant challenges in sport. Perhaps Nike might be able to push for the inclusion of Muslim women, considering their new partnership is with Fiba, the basketball federation that has still not rescinded a headcovering ban. Will that include its new hijab? Haben Sie eine Frage? Frage an die Community. Bei Ihrer Anfrage ist ein Problem aufgetreten. Alle Produktinformationen Kundenfragen und Antworten Kundenrezensionen. Artikelgewicht 4,54 g Produktgewicht inkl.

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These clearance items won't be around for long. If you are in the correct niche as a player and ball striking is your strong point then the Nike Vapor Pro Irons are good value for money — accuracy, workability, great distance control, piercing ball flight.

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