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"Our business is growing as the use of Power Trade Copier has allowed us to reduce the number of unsatisfied customers. The trade copier works without any delay, and our customers won’t find almost any difference if they compare their accounts with ours. First directory of Forex Scalping Strategies for trading. This is an great collection of Forex Scalping Strategies that Forex Strategies Resources share with all. Examples of Forex Scalping Strategies:I-Regression Scalping, Forex Profit Supreme, Ichimoku scalping, Alchemy, Keltner Scalping, TMA Scalping, Scalping Retracement, Scalping Method.

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A script for opening a grid of orders If you need to quickly open several pending orders (Buy Limit, Sell Limit, Buy Stop, Sell Stop) on a certain distance from the .

In my opinion there are two important aspects to these stories which can have an impact to your own trading today. The first is their trading method. The second aspect is the position sizing algorithms they used. More importantly, you have to take on a lot of risk. You have to be willing to endure large drawdowns. You must be completely detached from your money and willing to lose most of it.

In fact, you have to be willing to lose it all! Such a game is not mentally within the reach of everyone. But can we take any information from Larry and Sheldon to use in our more restrained or conservative approach to trading? Was it a complicated trading system with many rules and filters? Or was it a clever trading system that analyzed market order flow and made predictions into the future with a neural net? It was none of these. In fact, the trading concept they used is rather simple and well known.

There are many variations on this type of method. In essence all the concepts attempt to buy at a level above the market open and sell-short at a given level below the market open.

Then we simply wait for our order to get filled and manage the trade. As you can imagine, there are many formulas for determining a breakout level. Another famous trader we did not talk about yet who was less aggressive but became a legend in his own right was Toby Crabel. Toby became a money manager and managed billions of dollars using this method. Sheldon, Larry, and Toby have their own way of calculating this offset.

The main concept of each of these methods is to calculate a noise level and leave the breakout level just outside of that. Next, Sheldon Knights offset was a bit different because he used the differences between the Highest High and Lowest Low over a given number of days.

These systems were developed as patterns with setups triggered using opening range breakouts. They often had target profits, stops, and filters. They also used different breakout levels depending if you were in a bull or bear market. Naturally within the wider trading community there was a surge of many trading systems which utilized some type of opening range breakout method. But nothing lasts forever. More people had access to computing power which allowed them to perform their own market analysis.

This allowed more backtesting to be performed on different ideas including opening range breakouts. This in turn resulted in more people able to test and implement opening range breakout trading methods.

On top of these developments a radical change began to happen with the markets. That is, the advent of the electronic market. With the dawn of electronic markets and the death of the pits, the traditional market open has lost its meaning. This 4-in-1 indicator not only highlights the higher probability zones using a multi-criteria strength engine, but also combines it with multi-timeframe trend analysis, previously confirmed swings and engulfing detecto.

It uses unique price action trading system with advanced self-adaptive processing unit. It has passed 13 years back test of real tick data and real variable spread with commission from to Please Download Setting from our Monitoring Account. Market Profile defines a number of day types that can help the trader to determine market behaviour. Understanding the Value Area can give traders valuable insight into market direction and establish the higher odds trade.

It is an excellent addition to any system you may be using. The application is designed for use on any account togeth. A trade is made when comparing candle volumes, as well as during their sudden changes. Besides, the EA considers candle analysis patterns. A trade is performed when all parameters match.

All default settings are set for a real account. In order to test the EA on a demo account, decrease the min. This panel is designed for quick and easy one-click trading. All you need to do is to set up all the necessary parameters and enjoy trading! It supports two languages: The panel consists of four parts: Trade Window Standard trading operations are conducted from this window: A trade is opened for he current symbol.

TakeProfit, StopLoss and Trailing stop can be set for each trade. To do this, mark an appropriate item. It does not use any other indicators, it works only with the market actions. This indicator is easy to use, even a novice trader can use it for trading.

Exclusive Oscillator MT5 is another product of the Exclusive series: Version for the MetaTrader 4 terminal: Advantages of the indicator Generates minimum fa. Exclusive Stairs is a trend indicator for the MetaTrader 5 platform. Its operation algorithm is based on moving averages, processed by special filters and price smoothing methods. This allows the Exclusive Stairs to generate signals much earlier than the conventional Moving Average. This indicator is suitable both for scalpers when used on the smaller timeframes and for traders willing to wait for a couple of days to get a good trade.

Advanced Stochastic Scalper is an oscillator with dynamic overbought and oversold levels, while in the standard Stochastic Oscillator, these levels are static and do not change. This allows Advanced Stochastic Scalper to adapt to the ever-changing market. When a buy or a sell signal appears, an arrow is drawn on the chart and an alert is triggered allowing you to open a position in a timely. This trading panel allows to preview before sending the trade request the potential profit by take profit and the potential loss by stop loss.

These values are calculated by setting the deal volume and moving three horizontal lines: This gives a trader the ability to easily and quickly select the order volume and the stop levels for the future order. A2SR is a leading indicator, has special technique in determining the levels of Support demand and Resistance supply. Leading indicator is prepare all actual SR levels before price reach there.

Unlike the ordinary way that we seen on the net, A2SR has a original concept for determining SR levels. The original technique was not taken from the internet, and it has never been published on the internet either. A2SR will auto select the SR level according to your.

IShift Lite is a lite version of IShift, and it doesn't include the tick chart. The program includes a visual help system. A muti-currency trading panel. It is designed for quick scalping during news, but can also be used for conventional manual trading.

It is very simple and clear. Setting up to 9 custom combinations used simultaneously for all pairs on the panel. It handles risk management for you and can perform several useful tasks with your existing trades. Trade easily from the chart Trade with precise risk management hassle free Set your desired stop loss and take profit levels Close all existing trades with a single click Delete all pending orders with a single click Reap partial profits with a single click It has no input parameters Usage Using it is really simpl.

The CAP internal copy trade EA is capable of copying your trade in the same account the same terminal. It is very useful if you have hired the website mql5.

It is because the lot size is very significant; the investment profits will, in turn, be tiny. The tool is used to increase the size of the order. This tool is set to duplicate the order from the initi. Barras nas zonas em vermelho e verde de acordo com a cor do histograma Awesome Oscillator. Magic Channel is a channel indicator for the MetaTrader 4 terminal. This indicator allows finding the most probable trend reversal points.

Unlike most channel indicators, Magic Channel does not redraw. The alert system alerts, email and push notifications will help you to simultaneously monitor multiple trading instruments. Attach the indicator to a chart, and the alert will trigger once a signal emerges.

With our alerting system, you will never miss a single position opening signal! Grid Hero was strictly developed, tested and optimized using the "Reversed Sampling" development methodology based on "In-Sample" phase to and "Out-Of-Sample" phase to It has passed 13 years back test of real tick data and real variable spread with commission from This is an automatic Expert Advisor designed for scalping during the period of low market volatility.

This strategy works for almost all currency pairs, so you don't have to worry about if it has forgery history or overfitting. Recommended pairs on Strategy 1: Dark Clouds is based on an artificial intelligence algorithm that allows to predict and anticipate the trading Signals that it uses. In this way, the expert advisor is able to get a very high-rate of winning trades. My tests were performed with the real tick da. Real operation monitoring as well as my other products can be found here: Use a broker with good execution.

To enter the market uses filters of three indicators, two signal and one corrective, which gives confirmation to enter the market for another period. There is a filter to limit trading during the news release.

The EA works with two take profit. This robot is designed for major currency pairs and trades several strategies. This is not a scalping robot. It will be traded at all brokers with quotes accurate to points. Your broker must allow hedging. Further - the receivedvalue about the true strength of the two currencies included in a currency pairis compared to each other in the form of a special chart, which defin. I have been developing, testing and correcting this automated scalping system for a long time: The most stable results have been achieved on currency pairs with Swiss Franc, which means higher profitability and lower drawdown as compared to other symbols.

Highlights to pay attention to 1. This is a fully automated free version of Pender Expert Advisor. Lite version of Pender EA is also available. It opens only Buy positions. Results in strategy tester will not give you the whole picture of this Expert Advisor. Monitoring of trading by the paid version of SZ Scalper For opening positions, the EA uses support and resistance levels, that are detected by advanced adaptive algorithm A.

The algorithm allows to. The free version of the Yellow Expert Advisor works based on short-term changes in the trend, creating the price "corridor" set in the parameters. Trading is carried out at the external borders of this corridor by opening positions in different directions with different lot sizes.

Yellow Free is intended for trading any currency pair on the M5 timeframe. Not martingale, not arbitrage. You can evaluate my other products here: It calcutes a sell and buy zone according to Psychology Levels.

The indicators shows also potential Take Profit Targets. Depending on the settings and trading style, it can be used for scalping or long-term trading. The indicator can be used on every time frame, but we advise to use it on H1, H4 and D1. Especially if you are a novice trader. Pro Traders can also you use it for scalping in smaller timeframes M1, M5 and M This indicator is not a.

This Indicator is a unique, high quality and affordable trading tool because we have incorporated a number of proprietary features and a new formula. Imagine how your trading will improve because you are able to pinpoint the exact trigger point of a new trend or scalping opportunity?

A2SR has a special technique in determining the levels of Support demand and Resistance supply. A2SR will auto select the SR level according to your trading style. Even though you are changing the time frame but the SR level will remain on its po.

Currency Strength Matrix CSM is an indicator that will show you the current strength of the major currencies in several timeframes, allowing you to sort the currencies for strength and spot possible trading setups.

This indicator is ideal for scalping and in all those events of sudden big moves. How does it work? The CSM compares the value of the current moving average with the same moving average in the previous candle for all the 28 pairs and all 9 timeframes, producing a Matrix of Strengt.

This indicator is a unique, high quality and affordable trading tool because we have incorporated a number of proprietary features and a secret formula. With only ONE chart it gives Alerts for all 28 currency pairs. Imagine how your trading will improve because you are able to pinpoint the exact trigger point of a new trend or scalping opportunity!

Built on new underlying algorithms it makes it even easier to identify and confirm potential trades. This is because it graphically shows whether th. Advisor is designed to reduce drawdown on the account. The author's algorithm locks the unprofitable position, splits it into many separate parts, and closes each of them separately.

It is the use of closing losses by parts to reduce losses with a smaller deposit load, which ensures a safer operation with losses, in contrast to the grid strategies of closing orders only in whole groups. How is the restoration of orders The Expert Advisor closes the other windows of the selected tool in order.

The EA uses an advanced algorithm to find the entry points, as well as several additional filters for entering and exiting the market. The Ea does not require optimization or any additional configuration. Monitoring of the EA: All orders are equipped with StopLoss a. This dashboard software is working on 28 currency pairs. It gives a great overview of the entire Forex market. It shows Advanced Currency Strength values, currency speed of movement and signals for 28 Forex pairs in all 9 timeframes.

Imagine how your trading will improve when you can watch the entire market using a single indicator on your chart to pinpoint trends and or scalping opportunitie. That is why technical analysis indicators like "Price Rate of Change" ROC or "Momentum" gives higher readings for ascending price movements than that given to descending ones. TDO fixes this problem to help traders at reading momentum correctl.

The robot analyzes the market volumes and volatility, and follows strong supply and demand movements. It is a scalper EA, so the average trade length is almost 10 min. Real live monitoring can be found here: The indicator of correlation and divergence of currency pairs - all pairs on a single price chart. It displays all pairs opened in the terminal. Advantages The traders who use multi-currency trading strategies can observe the price movement of the selected pairs on one price chart in order to compare the parameters of their movement.

It is a quite efficient assistant for multi-currency trading - "pair trading" and "packet trading", it allows to determine the emerging movement in advance. Are you bored to save and load template many times for the same symbol for many chart time frames? Here is the alternative. With this indicator, you enjoy creating objects across many charts, you can modify the same object in any chart, you can delete the same object in any chart.

Save your time, you can foc. Pip Ruler is an easy to use indicator that gives easy to read bar pip size and value information. The Ruler Line can be selected and dragged to desired highs and lows or any other points anywhere on the chart. The information box will display the Pip Ruler distance in pips and will also show the value in account currency.

The "Mouse over info" text displays the difference in Open - Close and High - Low of the bar that your mouse is hovered over. EA can be run on different symbols and timeframes but for reducing demand on computing power, internal parameters are narrowed and it is highly recommended to run it on this pairs and time frames.

FX Power is the first real-time currency strength meter with a real-time histogram. It analyzes the momentum and strength of all major currencies to determine high probability trades. Bermaui Bands BB is a technical analysis tool that help filter between ranging and trending price movements.

The idea behind this indicator can be explained in the next steps: Calculate Standard Deviation as oscillator that move between 0 and High volatility mean a great probability for a trending market, whil.

Do not try to test an Expert Advisor in Tester, this is simply impossible and meaningless, since the principle is based on multi-currency trading, that is, the robot opens several positions at once on different instruments. The tester is able to test only one pair. Therefore, a separate real account is attached to the product, where you can constantly monitor all trading results: This indicator is a unique, high quality and affordable trading tool because we have incorporated a number of proprietary features and a new formula.

With this update, you will be able to show double timeframe zones. All Supply Demand traders will love it. Read the user guide To understand the concepts behind this indicator and learn to use it, kindly read this blog post.

How to trade Basically CAP. Opening and closing, Reverse and Lock. Work with positions and orders! You are holding a unique plugin for the MetaTrader 4 terminal - virtual control panel VirtualTradePad. Add Tipu Panel found here and unlock the following additional features: A very powerful and user friendly tool to create new orders and manage open positions. Easily create new market or pending orders with automatic stop loss, take profit and automatic calculated or fixed lot size.

Just move the entry, stop loss and take profit levels on the chart to the desired values and enter the risk as an absolute value, as percent of your equity or directly as fixed lot size.

This tool automatically shows you the possible profit and loss and can open a market or pending orde. Wolf Grid EA is an expert advisor using customized indicators to identify trend reversals.

The entries are usually accurate and in case if the trend reverse with a delay the positions will be managed by a smart grid system. This system uses a grid of orders which increases lot size after the stop loss is reached.

The grid size is limited for more safety. It includes a security filter which prevent the possibility of getting into an unexpected trend without rollback caused by a new release. Let me present my new revolutionary method of sending orders according to what you see on a chart, which is in full accordance with Risk Management. Sending orders without human errors, using an appropriate currency pair, without gambling a lot size and with SL and TP set on chart according your technical analysis and methodology - all these are made in four mouse clicks and in a matter of second.

Market Pressure Dashboard is a new generation utility. Its main function is to assist you and give you operational ideas optimizing your analytical work. Using this utility you could monitor a lots of financial instruments max 28 symbols FOREX in a very simple way.

The Market Pressure indicator allows you to customize the internal list of the symbols to be monitored. The opening function and position management with this panel will be much more comfortable and navigation charts very powerf. The trading robot opens and closes positions based on signals from the support and resistance indicator - it trades simultaneously breakouts and rollbacks.

It has the option to close positions by take profit and stop loss. When new signals appear the EA adds orders. When an opposite signal appears: The EA settings can be adjusted right from the chart.

The EA also features the News. M15, M30, H1 Or Any. Additionally, FFCalendar Pro shows the news release time by vertical lines.

The lines' color and width depend on. This indicator is based on analysis of the average range. This is actually a famous ATR realized as a trand signal line. Amplitude variable parameter supports regulation of indicator sensitivity. When the trend changes, the indicator changes its colour and there appear notifications Alert and Push.

The indicator has a set-in filter of a higher period prompting the trend efficiency. If you have an old version of the.

KopirMT4 is a trade copier for MetaTrader 4 copying synchronizing, duplicating trades from any accounts. Please watch the reviews and comments to the product Attention: This version does not run on this VPS Why choose our product? The copier is fast and does not depend on the ticks. The speed of copying is less than 0. Deals are copied with high. This indicator has been created by a former hedge-fund employee. And it is based on solid, widely followed market principles and dynamics.

Our company has been selling high quality indicators on this platform for over 3 years. FX Trend displays the trend direction, duration, intensity and the resulting trend rating for all time frames in real time. You'll see at a glance at which direction the trends are running, how long they last and how powerful they are. All this makes it an easy-to-use trend trading system for beginners, advanced and professional traders. If you like to learn how to spot the right trading opportunities for constant profitability and success we highly recommend studying the rules of our SIMPLE.

When this sample strategy is applied, St. And you can do that even with a normal day job. You will be even able to trade on lower timeframes which you could never do without such an Expert Advisor. And the best thing is that you are in control! You can tell the Edge Zone EA where it has to enter and where it has to exit. And you can do that even many hours before the trade will occur. This EA is therefore an excellent assistant for yo.

EA multi-currency EA Hyperboloid Multi is a grid robot that works simultaneously with six currency pairs and enters the market when market Buy and Sell orders are received from the built-in indicators. If the price goes against, the EA will start opening the grid of orders, increasing the lot size, based on the Lot Multiplier parameter, through the distance specified in the Distance, points parameter, if this is confirmed by the signal from the built-in indicators.

The EA uses a peculiar averag. Trade copier for MetaTrader 4. It copies forex trades, positions, orders from any accounts. It is one of the best MT4-to-MT4 trade copiers today. The unique copying algorithm exactly copies all trades from the master account to your client account. The product is also noted for its high operation speed Tough error handling. A powerful set of features. The Expert Advisor is a risk manager helping users to control their trading.

In the settings, it is possible to specify the parameters at which the risk manager force closes the opened trades and closes the terminal as well, if it is needed to prevent opening trades on emotions, which do not correspond to the trading strategy.

Risk Manager settings Check limit to close - check the equity limit Limit to close - equity limit that is taken into account Check day limit to close - check t. Entry and exit logic operates on Bar Close only. This filters market noise, dramatically speeds up optimizations, avoids stop loss hunting, and ensures proper operation at any broker with a reasonable spread No short term risky strategies scalping, ma.

This Indicator is an affordable trading tool because we have incorporated a number of proprietary features along with a new formula. The Advanced Accumulated Currency Volume Indicator is specialized for the main 28 Forex pairs and works on all time frames.

This is a great advantage in trading. Volume traders will know how to use it. If you are new then learn how. Lighthouse is a support and resistance indicator. It displays the most important trading levels and draws them according to their relevance. If a level is clearly broken, it changes its role and color.

Support becomes resistance and vice versa. Follow this link and learn how to trade with my professional trading tools Key Features Automated adjustment to the underlying time frame Displays only significant support and resistance levels Immediate graphical response if a level is cle.

Para fazer isso, clique no nome do indicador e arraste-o para a janela do primeiro indicador. The Expert Advisor helps reduce the account drawdown. To do this, the losing deal is split into multiple small parts, each of these parts is closed separately.

The EA can interact with other experts. For example, when a certain drawdown is reached, Open Lock can disable the other expert and start working with its orders. Open lock for MetaTrader 5 is available here Methods used by the EA Locking to prevent a drawdown increase Averaging orders used to cover the loss Partial closur.

Think of the rarest pair you can think of. And I assure you that this indicator can compute it's strength. Just name it and you will get it! There is no currency pair this Currency Meter can solve. No matter how rare or exotic is that currency, it will always be solved by this Currency meter which on a real-t.

Partial Close and Trail - assistant EA. Closes a part of a position Closes part of the lot during rollback. Decription This is an assistant EA fixing part of the profit at the rollback movement of the currency pair. This EA manages your positions. When a price rollback occurs in the opposite direction, the EA measures the price rollback values and closes a part of the profit Closes part of the lot.

After that, the EA can activate trailing stop for the rest of the position. At a repeated roll. The trend lines are formed first before the price of the pair reach it. So it does not repaint. Each line has a description, such as Support, Resistance, Current-Support as key breakout down, and Current-Resistance as a key breakout up.

Each broke out line turns into a new support. Gartley finder is an indicator for searching for Gartley Patterns. The search can be performed on 20 currency pairs and all timeframes simultaneously. The indicator shows the targets for entering and exiting the market.

It also features alerts and notifications to mobile devices, as well as automatic detection of the Gartley patterns of various sizes. The main characteristics of the indicator are listed below. This is a version for twenty currency pairs. The version for one pair can be found h. Grid King takes a new approach to grid trading.

The main focus when developing the EA was safety, by eliminating the margin-call risk which is usually associated with most grid systems on the market. It also strives to achieve much higher returns than the average grid system, by spreading risk amongst multiple pairs and strategies which all have a limited effect on the account-equity.

The EA has been stress-tested for a period of 18 years and passes all those years succesfully without any hig. Monster Harmonics Indicator is a harmonic pattern indicator. Projected patterns that are not yet completed are recognized, too. Users can add their own user defined patterns to Monster. Besides the current pattern, Monster also shows all patterns in the symbols history. Monster will provide alerts for developing patterns. The scalper uses the model of a quantum set of algorithms and can work on any financial instruments.

Due to the optimal number of parameters necessary for optimization, you can create unique trading strategies based on quantum models. All orders are opened with a strictly fixed Stop Loss. New sets are in the "Comments" section comments We recommend that you try it on demo account to understand what kind of decimals using your broker to set your input values. The EA is usable on every Markets. On news time the spread could be manage from Broker, please make attention.

The Hull Moving Average is an improved variant of the moving average, which shows the moment of trend reversal quite accurately. It is often used as a signal filter. Combination of two types of Hull Moving Averages makes a better use of these advantages: Most recommended Check Santa Hamster Pro: This trading panel has been developed for fast and comfortable operation of the financial markets.

It is equipped with the necessary functions for manual and semi-automated trading. Due to the presence of the order trailing feature, trailing stop and automatic closure by equity, profit, time. You can use it to automate your trading system.

All you have to do is open a position and set the parameters for maintenance, everything else will be handled by the EA. If you want to limit your losses, set. The EA is based on 3 models: The models have a clear logic. The EA has a modular structure;The models can be used in combination with the following strategies: Signal Multiplier allows to automatically multiply the lot volume of received trading signals.

Signal Multiplier MT4 — https: This indicator plots a crosshair pointer in all charts of the terminal in the position relative to the active chart. Once Pointer Sync is deactivated, the cross lines will disappear in all charts as well. You can adjust the color of the pointers and the button, the corner where the button ap. Trade Controller provides multiple methods to protect and maximize your profits. This powerful weapon helps you to set the protect and trailing-stop rules on your trade automatically in many effective methods.

Once it is set and turned on, you don't need to monitor your orders anymore, the software will keep watching and control your orders with your predefined rules. It's designed to support multi-protection and trailing strategy: Protect by break-even, protect by percentage, protect by pip, p.

The RSI Panel MTF indicator has been created in order to have the ability to monitor the values of the standard RSI indicator from a multitude of timeframes and symbols on a single chart, as well as to receive timely notifications about the trading opportunities using an audio signal or a notification.

The indicator can output both the indicator values, and only the indicator signals confirmed and expected. A user-friendly feature for selecting the required symbol has been implemented - simpl.

This indicator visualizes the intersection of two moving averages. It has been created for visibility of signals and notification about intersections of Moving Average. Moving Average is simply the averaged value of the price for the selected timeframe TF. Therefore, the moving averages are used on a wide variety of timeframes, from 1 minute to a year and even decades. Construction can be performed in various ways.

What is displayed on the chart. The horizontal volume profile for the specified timeframe is the Target parameter. Two horizontal volume profiles for the current and past period for example for the current and last day.

It works perfectly for situations like:

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It always places StopLoss.

Closed On:

With this tool you can create new market or pending orders with automatic stop-loss, take-profit and automatic calculated or fixed lot size with only a few clicks.

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