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Wells Fargo Bank HSA


Wells Fargo Health Savings Account (HSA) What do I get with the Wells Fargo HSA? With a Wells Fargo HSA, you have an easy way to save tax-free1 dollars for current and future qualified healthcare expenses. With your HSA you can: • Pay for qualified expenses with your Wells Fargo HSA Debit Card • 2Invest your HSA dollars in a variety of mutual funds • Access Wells Fargo’s trusted. Wells Fargo no longer offers Health Savings Accounts (HSAs). We have sold our HSA business to Optum Bank ®, Inc., an industry leader and one of the largest providers of HSAs in the United States.

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To open a Wells Fargo HSA, open the enrollment materials , print out the application portion, fill it out, and then return it to Wells Fargo.

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