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A Brief History of Tesla Motors.

 · Formed in , Tesla Motors Club (TMC) was the first independent online Tesla community. Today it remains the largest and most dynamic community of Tesla enthusiasts. Today it remains the largest and most dynamic community of Tesla enthusiasts. Electric cars, giant batteries and solar Be the first to receive the latest Tesla news, events and product updates.

Prashand Kumta, a professor at the University of Pittsburgh's school of engineering, said Tesla's lithium-ion battery technology isn't unique. But how the company packages that technology and designs its cars could be useful to other companies. At the start of this year, Tesla had been issued patents covering its batteries and other key features that distinguish its electric cars from petrol-powered vehicles.

Another patent applications are still pending in the US and other countries, according to Tesla's regulatory filings. The earliest any of Tesla's current patents expires is in , so the company is relinquishing a potentially valuable long-term advantage by releasing its intellectual property. But other companies have shown that technology giveaways can pay off. Even though it spent millions designing Android, Google made the software available to all comers at no charge. Google was more interested in expanding the market for mobile devices and ensuring its search engine and other digital services supported by advertising would be prominently featured on them.

The strategy has worked out well for Google so far. Android is now on more than 1bn devices, surpassing Apple's iOS as the world's most widely used mobile operating system. The open source movement has long appealed to the egalitarian mindset of most technologists, so the patent decision could help recruit talent. Musk named his company for Nikola Tesla , a famous inventor who became so exasperated with the legal system that he finally stopped patenting his ideas. Putting in long hours for a cause is easy.

Analysts said the announcement has little downside for Tesla, and could solidify its leadership in the market. BMW spokesman Kenn Sparks confirmed the meeting. These electromagnets are generally mounted in two rings, one set within the other, and connected up so that polarities will alternate north-south in each ring of pole projections. As to which set of magnets is to move the rotor and which to stand still the stator , either will do.

Though most familiar motors spin the inner array, some other designs rotate the entire outer circumference around a stationary center. Magnets, even electromagnets, have no natural need to keep moving. A rotor with 12 sets of poles mounted on a shaft so as to nearly contact 12 sets of surrounding stator windings would move itself just enough to tug attracting north-south pairs into closest alignment. And there the arrangement would sit, humming quietly, wasting electricity, and going nowhere.

To become a motor, the useless device imagined above must constantly reverse the north-south polarity of its electromagnets. We'll suppose in a particular motor the rotor poles remain constant while the stator's switch constantly. Then, the rotor's unchanging poles cannot find a resting place. Each is pulled a little distance toward an opposite pole only to have it reverse just as the two poles reach alignment.

The rotor pole is then repelled, sent in the direction of the next stator pole, which happens, moreover, to be rebuilding its field at the attractive polarity. It's an electrical con game, bait and switch, taking place many times each second that makes a motor turn. They never ran smoothly, perhaps because a good design needed to anticipate and utilize the rather more complex, dynamic rules that govern currents and fields in AC circuits.

Direct current was the name of the game prior to Tesla. Yet direct current motors have one obvious drawback:

May 29, 2. He understood, as well, no physical power connection need be applied to the rotor.

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Though the stator remains motionless its fields are, in effect, whirling around its interior from one pole face to the next. May 30, 4.

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