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 · With the $,, that Fortress Investment is inexplicably throwing at Theranos, the company has now raised a billion bucks. I figure Holmes must have some SERIOUS dirt on somebody, because nothing about this makes any sense at all.

Well, I think part of it is this:. Holmes' whole schtick was how she was the reincarnation of Steve Jobs. Our stuff doesn't work at all!

She - - how shall I put this? Here we see Ms. Why isn't she in prison for all the dead people? I remain floored anyone would put another dime into this place. Holmes has continued to lead Theranos through settling multiple lawsuits. However, investigations opened by both the Justice Department and the Securities and Exchange Commission are ongoing.

What's going on here? Just because you throw on a white lab coat doesn't make you a genius scientist. Joking aside, I think for me what bugs the holy hell out of me is simply the disappointment. The past eight years have shown us an environment in which fraud, government bailouts, and crooked executives go unpunished, if not celebrated.

Once in a blue moon, there's a piece of shit company which is finally exposed for what it is other examples - - Color. We saw that with Theranos, and even though their success or failure doesn't affect my life one iota, it gave me some minuscule degree of satisfaction that there was still a little bit of judgment, discernment, and fairness to the world.

But I was wrong. And if you're a mildly-attractive slender blonde with some razzle-dazzle and the right connections, you can get away with just about anything. Newer Post Older Post Home.

Turns out, Theranos little blood testing thing was all smoke and mirrors. Thanks for sharing list of 15 popular and best broking firm in India. I appriciate with your work but i think you are missing My Value Trade, which is also a brand name in stock market and providing best online trading services in India at lowest brokerage charge. But I think some of the discount brokers like Zerodha and RKSV are also catching up with the ones in above list, Anyway thanks for the list.

I am using india infoline for past 6 years. Their online terminal is great one. Charging every month for demat service. Is there anyone provide free account? Is neeraj thank you. Hi , My name is arun. I would like to suggest for kotak securities it is one of the most reputed broking firm in India.

If you are very serious to open demat trading account call me at my no. Dear arun sir, if you are looking for a best broking firm.. In present it is ShareKhan Limited. Hi, pls share your review of Myvaluetrade. Recently i have been hearing a lot about MicrosecOnline. If someone is just starting out and want guidance to invest then choose a full service broker like Share khan or ICICI. They are more expensive than discount broker but they provide you inputs on what to buy.

They send out daily and weekly newsletters to clients with stocks to look for and trade ideas. India Infoline iifl 2. India bulls securities 3.

Please suggest me about these broker houses. In these broker house which is the best option. Iam a newbie to this field. They are charging Rs. They are using the platform from Geojit. I love MT4 platform. It would be awesome if you can also provide the information on various types of trading platform offered by the above brokers.

Sir, Iam a small investor, and I possess equity shares left behind and gifted by my late father. The shares certificates are in the name of my late father. Now I want to sell the same. I also have the death certificate with me. Please suggest a suitable way whereby I can encash.

Please suggest a suitable and reliable name of broker who could make my selling possible as a small investor on as is where is basis. I know that my topic is different from the above usual comments you recieve but I request you to do the needful and help me. Thank you and expecting early compliance. But a bit old. Many new discount brokers have started operating in India now which provide very competitive brokerage rates.

Please could you name some of the good brokerages that charge low brokerage? Would be much obliged. Youcan write to me at jchinoy gmail. Many thanks, in advance, Jeh. I have been using their services for more than 2 years and its really good. Anybody have an idea about Doha brokerage and financial services??? Actually i like your unique style of presentation.

Each page about mention broker firms with mandatory information is really great idea.. I am a trader and technical analyst doing research business with stocks and commodity markets. I am having sub-brokership with Trustline Securities Ltd. I have traded with all the financial instruments like, stocks, futures, options, commodity, currency etc..

In My experience making money is very very difficult if you are not having proper trading plan and discipline. If you follow certain rules very strictly making money is so easy consistently.

I am happy to conduct online free technical class through team viewer itself. I am free to help you people to make money. I am new to this markets,. Please help me how to open accounts. I sms u the details of mine to ur no. Dear visitors of this,you people know the trading or not it doesnot matter to survive in stock market. It is fantastic platform to earn wholetime or parttime,you should be very disciplined and learn the technicals,then go for trading. Hello Sir Can you tell me how good is ventura securities for trading?

I am starting this and would like to know about forex being legal or not and what broker would be best for online trading and what amout I should start with? I am thinking about Will that be enough?

Hope to here you soon. So any investor want to more knowledge about this venture then they can call on this no. RKSV Securities is the best discount broker on the list. Trade on the Freedom Plan and just forget about the rest. Thinking about the brokerage is normal… But you have to check about their services, Research calls, Company history etc…. Even lots of brokers now giving flat brokerage. R u making decent profit from them? Talking about only brokerage is the foolish thing. Just dont bother about brokerage…..

Check their services and research calls… Even maximum brokerage from all is 3 paisa.. Not more that that…. Hello, i want to work in a audit firm which is into stock broking and related things, if you can help me with the name of Organization which do audit of your firm, so that i can approach them.

Very satisfied with their quality, much better than cheaters Motilal Oswal who took soo many hidden charges. Leased Instruments can be obtained at minimal expense to the borrower compared to other banking options. This offer is opened to both those and corporate bodies. We are RWA ready to close leasing with any interested client in few banking days, if interested do not hesitate to contact us via email:.

Contact to open your account with indiabulls lowest possible brokerage and start earning money. LKP Securities is really flexible,they r giving best business support and also sharing if u want to start franchisee, join the LKP securities.

IIFL Premia has the lowest trading charges anyone can imagine, with a quality team base and all investment options under one basket — equity,commodity, MF,real estate etc.

I am ver satisfied with them!! Angel Broking is a very good broking firm…… They provide four platforms for online trading… And even they provide a Sub-Broker for offline trade…. Brokerage is negligible depending on your investment.

Angel is the worst. Once they sent me my money without informing me and then I did not received it for many months and then they again deposited in My angel account. Then they call to tell me buy certain shares but if they are going down they dont bother to communicate.

Third the last time they bought for me shares which was quite higher than the margin money and that is why I had to sell it the very next day incurring a heavy loss. Their tips are never succesful. The company is growing with most of un trained people. Get in touch with him for best deals. They are offering flat Rs. Zerodha is Above Average. You can trade hundreds of options and futures. Cost per trade will work no more than 15 paise. Among the brokers that I have been with for the last 3 years, this is quite good.

Bye-the-bye I am not a business man, but only a salaried employee. With my trading experience, I have developed over dozen trading techniques which I can share with any interested person. Thanks for the generous offer to share your knowledge over dozen trading techniques. Also can you share your trading techniques to me. Hi , I am a beginner , can you help me to get through some good information and investment options. Please let me know the details of trading techniques which u want to share as iam a new comer in the industry.

Hi Sujit , could you please let me know who would be the best broker for me as I m new to this market. I m looking for trading and investment both. How can I earn money in share market.. My number is …Please let me know good trading platform… and good broker who can provide me good calls… Currently I have Zerodha….

I have seen ur article and will be looking for professional manager FIRM to manage account my only intension to have monthly type income can you suggest something which can be done by any professional fund manager.

Hi, Please send the techniques to my email rajag55 gmail. I will be grateful to you. I would like to know more about RKSV securitiies. Please let me know some techniques about share trading. Im a newcomer and have been incurring huge losses. Expecting your kind call. Lost heavily all of my hard earned money due to the poor, worst services by the brokers. Charla Gonzales 23 November That was a really helpful entry. Narnolia Securities Ltd 9 September Mark64 7 June Hello, do you allow guest posting on sharegyaan.

Please let me know on my e-mail. Plz share the knowledge for trading i got huge loss in stock market. Bala 31 May Moulik Jain 1 July FXP Trade 31 May Which is the best full service share broker to open an account. Anushka 3 January Raghu 6 May Madhri 3 February Saikat Das 10 July Durga prasad tripathi 10 July Hello sir please cll at Piyush Jaiswal 23 July You can call me at and I will guide you that what will. Yukti mehra 11 November V handle pms of clients v can guide u and give u handsome returns deepak singh.

Sir call me You will get advice as well as support according to you. Vinay kumar 9 February CS 22 October Anuj Sharma 13 October Anil 30 September

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For individual traders only. The other 3 exchanges they are working on getting API access to selecting which coins.

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To view star ratings, summaries, screenshots, and more for these brokers, see our stock broker comparison tool. Zerodha is a Discount broker these are full service broker please read this article for discount brokers in-India.

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