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Civic Freedom Monitor

by Malcolm C. Duncan.

On-camera Monitor, Field Monitor, Video-assist Monitor, Camera-top Monitor, DSLR Monitor. Overview Choosing the right location for your computer monitor on the desk or workspace can be a difficult decision. Yet if not positioned correctly, your monitor can cause neck pain, shoulder pain, or .


This book presents details of Masonic initiation rituals, along with grips, passwords and regalia. Written in the 19th century, Duncan's Ritual, as it is known, has been republished numerous times.

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This enables you to view the entire screen and the display more clearly. Tilting the monitor downward isn't recommended unless necessary to reduce the glare of overhead lights or if your monitor is too high and can't be adjusted.

Tilting the screen too far back may cause reflected glare problems from overhead lighting. Windows are a common source of glare on the monitor.

If you work in a room with windows, be sensitive to any reflections or glare that may show on your monitor and cause you to squint. A great way to check for glare is to turn your monitor off and examine any reflections visible on it. Also, placing your monitor directly in front of a window can create an uncomfortable viewing situation if the brightness of the window is greater than that of the monitor see below.

Balance the brightness of your monitor and its surrondings. You should adjust your monitor so that its brightness is approximately equal to the area directly behind it. The goal is to eliminate any contrast between the brightness of the screen and the area behind it. Make sure, of course, that your workplace is adquately lit! Uneven brightness can cause headaches and vision issues such as fatigue and squinting.

You may need to adjust your screen brightness throughout the day if your workspace is lit by natural light. Adjust your font size and color.

The size of your text should be about two or three times the size of the smallest text that you can read. Black text on a white background is usually the easiest to discern when word processing. If left uncorrected, glare will cause discomfort, eyestrain, and headaches. Try to reposition your monitor so that there's no glare on the screen but avoid putting it in a position that's uncomfortable to view!

If you can't avoid the glare by readjusting your monitor positioning, consider a high-quality glass anti-glare screen. Consider a swivel arm. If you frequently interact with others, and placing your monitor in the recommended location would interfere with your interactions, consider purchasing a swivel arm.

Swivel arms enable users to maintain proper monitor location while in use and easily swing their monitors out of the ways when not in use. This gives yours eyes a break and chance to adjust focus-a great way to avoid visual fatigue. Keep a clean screen Dust gathers easily on monitor screens.


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Do not rely solely on numerical readings. Be sure to periodically use a recommended solvent to remove any accumulated dust or fingerprints, ensuring a clean and visually consistent display.

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