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The IDB-IDB Invest Corporate Sustainability Index for Latin America and the Caribbean IndexAmericas was created by the Inter-American Development Bank and its private sector arm, IDB Invest, in partnership with S-Network Global Indexes. The IDB is the main source of multilateral financing in Latin America. It provides solutions to development challenges and support in the key areas of the region.

The regional arms of United Nations organisations are also important points of contact, especially in relation to sectoral and crosscutting issues such as health (PAHO), women, (UN WOMEN), sustainable development (UNDP), the environment (UNEP) and other regional arms of UN organisations.

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These data will allow countries to benchmark progress on childhood development both within their borders and in the region, thus facilitating policy dialogue between governments on how to best address the needs of young children and their families. The IDB supports interventions to improve teacher quality in Latin America and the Caribbean and conducts research in the field.

It supports the Aligning of Learning Incentives ALI in Mexico, a pilot program that provides monetary incentives to students, faculty and staff to improve student achievement in mathematics. The projects for this field include supporting the government of Costa Rica to improve the English as a Foreign Language project in order to close the skills gap between the demand in the labor market and the supply of the education systems in the field. The Bank also has interventions in other areas that affect children and adolescents in the region, such as education inputs, equity, and compensatory programs.

The initiatives in these fields are support projects for the reconstruction of educational infrastructure in Haiti; a support project for the consolidation and expansion of the Plan Ceibal in Uruguay; a community education program in Mexico, which aims to raise quality of educational services for marginalized communities; a project to support the education plan in the Dominican Republic; the National Infrastructure Program for the universalization of education quality and equality in Ecuador; a program to support policies for the improvement of education equity in Argentina PROMEDU ; a project to improve education activities and learning quality in Mexico; and a comprehensive care program for children in Nicaragua, which contributes to the development of children living in extreme poverty within rural areas under 6 years old.

Climate change threatens both to undermine the long-term efforts of the region to achieve sustainable development and to affect the most vulnerable members of society disproportionately. To respond to increasing demand for clients for assistance in addressing climate change, the General Capital Increase GCI-9 commits the Bank to support mitigation and adaptation efforts of borrowing members while meeting their developmental and energy requirements.

GCI-9 sets a target of 25 percent of total lending going to a growing portfolio on climate change, environmental sustainability, and renewable energy. There are four programs in the Water and Sanitation Division: The Bank has also a number of focused special programs: In order to support the Latin American and Caribbean region to address water resources challenges, the IDB has created Hydro-BID, a tool that allows the efficient management and planning of water resources by predicting water availability taking into consideration the impacts of climate change.

Hydro-BID was developed to respond to the challenges related to lack of information, reliable data and the lack of tools to support governments, water utilities, the private sector and other institutions to plan and make better decisions for a sustainable management of water.

AquaRating [17] is the first rating agency for the water sector. The rating system has already been piloted in thirteen utilities in nine countries in Europe and Latin America and the Caribbean. A worldwide market introduction is planned during The satisfactory provision and administration of infrastructure stimulates economic growth and competitiveness. It is also essential for improving the quality of life and inclusion in modern society. The infrastructure strategy identifies priority areas of action: President Preval also gave the Inter-American Development Bank the mandate to work with the Education Ministry and the National Commission preparing a major reform of the Education System in a 5-year plan.

The callable capital pledged by the 22 non-borrowing members, which include the world's wealthiest developed countries , therefore functions as a guarantee for the bonds that the IDB sells. This arrangement ensures that the IDB maintains a triple-A credit rating , and as a result can make loans to its borrowing member countries at rates of interest similar to those that commercial banks charge their largest corporate borrowers.

At the same time, the 22 non-borrowing countries are only putting up guarantees — not actual funds — so their support of the IDB's lending operations has a minimal impact on their national budgets.

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