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Instead, love your body and it will change. Your target in life helps you to direct your course. So before you aim, be sure you choose the right target. What are aiming for? What is your goal? What goals are you trying to achieve? What are you trying to hit?

These are the questions you need to ask yourself, because they tell you your direction and where you will end up. Remember to take the time to refocus on your target. Ask the questions often to be sure to hone in on your center. Forget everything except what you are going to do now— and do it. Life is a parade.

Sometimes we march along and realize we have passed by what we were looking for. What do we do? Stand there and drop out of the parade? March on with regrets? Feel bad about how we looked or that everything we wanted was on the wrong side of the street?

Forget it and march on! If we drag everything we have passed by with us, we will destroy the present. We have no future when we live in the past. We even talk about past lives. Whether you believe in them or not, the same principle applies. If you are living a past life, you are destroying your present one. In therapy, people come to understand why they are acting the way they are, and how the past is affecting them.

They learn to let go, move on, and not sit in the same classroom year after year. They graduate and commence a new life.

With the Holiday Season in full swing, we can get overwhelmed with the changes in our diets, daily schedules, and emotions. When you want to change, you may start by buying new clothes, moving, redecorating, getting a new job, cleaning out your closets, and so on. But that is not what will change you. Those activities only change aspects of your life. To change yourself, you must start on the inside. I am talk about changing from the inside out.

When the essential you is altered, the rest will follow. By faking it and acting like the person you truly want to be, you begin the change, and will start to do the inner work. When you become different inside, it will reflect on the outside, and all will know and recognize the new you. What changes would you like to make?

Decide how you want to be, work on those changes,and act as if you are already there. Why is our spine built to have us walk on two legs instead of four? Maybe it is a sign of what our lives should be like. Perhaps we should be reaching for a higher level living and not just living by instinct, as other animals do.

Our spine also reminds us of the balance between those at the top and those at the bottom. This is not about evaluating the importance of an individual life but understanding that we are all important, and that we all rely on each other. The head cannot go anywhere unless the feet carry it. The key is to be aligned in an upright position and work to accomplish higher things with our lives.

Become upright in your life, relationships, and work. If you need help, find a spiritual chiropractor. I am weeks pregnant and found out this week my baby has a rare birth defect where its liver and maybe other organs are growing in a sac on top of its belly. I have made appointments with specialists, and now want to focus my energy on visualizations to help the organs move back into the body. I had some questions about this, and found your name in a CNN article from discussing visualizations and healing.

Is there any way I could consult with you? I have been visualizing the image I saw at the sonogram and the organs then moving into the body and the sac called an omphalocele shrinking. And also any other guidance would be greatly appreciated. I have another sonogram on Thursday and I am hoping to dedicate time to this before then, in the hopes of even helping things before then. My website has a selection of CDs which can help. Browse through them and pick what feels right for you.

The direct link is http: Visualize what you desire happening as happening in your body, and make the repairs and changes you desire—and then visualize a normal child being born. What is a mistake? But is doing something wrong the worst outcome? Mistakes can be our teachers. They can redefine our goals and tasks and therefore turn out to be beneficial. Often we focus on our mistakes and spend energy judging ourselves because of them. Instead, be patient and await their lessons and teachings, which are not always immediately apparent.

So expect to make mistakes. Lucille Ranciato lranciato yahoo. On his program, Mind Health Matters , Bernie and his guests give expert advice on personal questions about Health and Healing. His message of hope and love is extended to all who seek a whole person approach for living life fully. The call in number is: Bernie's show is the first Tuesday of each month 9am PT. The encore edition of the show is the first Tuesday of each month 9pm PT.

View Bernie's show information at the HealthyLife. A show that reflects Bernie's passion to reach people struggling with all of life's challenges-not just the physical ones-so that each person can live life fully. Join Bernie as he shares his powerful journey through life while offering us special nuggets of his sacred wisdom. Listen to Bernie Wednesday-Friday at View full schedule of all show times at Dreamvisions7 Radio View full schedule of all show times at Dreamvisions7 Radio. The stories in this new book offer funny and heart-touching, true-life experiences that convey loving connections, amazing rescues, and healing with and by animals — both wild and domestic.

Order your copy online today at: The prescriptions I ask you to fill are designed for your total well-being. They come from hard-earned wisdom and experience with the difficulties of life. Please take the prescription I have written for you here and fill it right away. Glory follows virtue as if it were its shadow.

Click the links below to read similar posts Posted in Creativity , Self-actualization Tagged finding meaning , higher awareness , self actualization Leave a comment. Jeff Siegel for Sheriff Political Candidate. Becci Kelly Real Estate Agent. Pages Liked by This Page. I was looking for an item to give as a gift from my company to one of our loca I was obviously looking rather lost when David asked if he could help me.

He showed me a well made pocket knife that I could customize with our logo. These knives are awesome! They are so great, that they won my company a national award for promotional give aways.

Awesome service, excellent products, local company! First, the drawing on the page heading is great! Fred and his staff have ways been super professiona Fred was a wonderful man and I feel very fortunate to have been his friend! The staff is always helpful. Hands down the best uniform shopping around. I'd rather drive an hour t

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These are the questions you need to ask yourself, because they tell you your direction and where you will end up. Thank you for sharing your question!

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Stop feeling angry and frustrated with your body.

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